The first step in the rug making process entails designing & graphing, it also happens to be the most integral one-translating and ultimately defining what the end product will look like.


The conceived design is then translated on a graph paper. Chalking out the design entails translating the elements, motifs, and most importantly, proportions, accurately. After the initial sketch is completed, our designers refer to the color legend to implement the preferred color scheme.


Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the rug making process is in translating the design into a language known as, “Taalim.” This unique, age-old language is sent directly to the looms, where our craftsmen utilize it to translate the construct of our design as well as the designated color palette.


Our rugs are craftily woven using either hand-spun or machine-spun wool. Finely woven carpets have traditionally been constructed using machine-spun wool, emanating a uniform aura of colors as opposed to the rest of our collections that infuse the essence of hand-spun wool, exuding an organic, natural texture.


Once the wool is spun, it is expertly prepared using either Vegetable or Chromium Dyes. Vegetable Dyes are primarily used to obtain a natural texture whereas Chromium Dyes create a more uniform, sophisticated blend.


An assortment of weaving styles is prevalent, such as our very own Pakistani weave as well as our neighboring Afghan weave. Both forms of weaving have their own subcategories that are traditionally conceived and pertain to either the tribe they belong to or their geographical location.


Over the course of 30 years, our artisans have perfected the art of achieving a vast array of textures. From subdued, matt compositions to lustrous textures, our washing experts have developed & refined the art of washing.


Once the rugs have absorbed the unparalleled nature of sunlight, the pile is sheared down according to our clients’ requirements. The fringes are either reduced in length, tucked under the rug, or removed entirely.

Caring For Your Rug

Vacuuming is highly recommended to prevent dust from settling. Spot cleaning with cool water and soap is recommended in the event of stains. For any other matters, you can always reach out to us and we will be more than happy to assist.