Our Philosophy

Creating an immaculate, unparalleled product has been a lasting endeavor at Abbas Carpets, a testament to our creative and meticulous approach that infuses everything we do.

The Art of Timeless Style

A handmade carpet has historically been revered and regarded as an accessory of sophistication. It is a symbol of luxury, a traveler’s trophy - widely admired and renowned for its intricacy – and it is just as easily a robust fashion statement. The evolution of handmade carpets has forever altered the essence and expression of an art form. What was once a holistic expression is now an individual one.

A Passion for Perfection

Abbas Carpets was founded in 1974 by Mohammad Abbas Mirza. Within two years, the company had established itself as a pioneer in organized manufacturing not just in Pakistan, but the world over. Today, our carpets can be found on principal floors across the globe, including Bloomingdales, Safavieh, and ABC Carpet & Home.

Three generations on, it is the same passion for the product and meticulous attention to quality that heralded our success that continues to inspire us. From the procurement of wool, to the process of weaving, to our immaculate factory floors and our innovative philosophy of design, we strive to ensure that every individual rug is a unique, vintage expression of art handcrafted to perfection.