We’ve been around since ’73. Three generations down. More than 60,000,000 square feet of carpets expertly manufactured & exported; that’s roughly 600,000, one-of-a-kind rugs in the space of 50 years. Decades-old relationships with Bloomingdale’s, ABC Carpet & Home and Safavieh stand testament to our meticulous, creative ethos. From The Bowery Hotel in New York, or across the pond at 5 Hertford Street in London, our unrelenting passion for the product continues to inspire us.


Our company proudly operates flagship stores in both Karachi and Lahore, two bustling cities of Pakistan. With roots dating back to 1973, our factory, situated in Lahore, stands testament to our longstanding commitment to quality and excellence where every step of the process is supervised meticulously. Over the decades, we have perfected our craft, ensuring that each product leaving our facility meets the highest standards. Offering shipping and delivery services across Pakistan and internationally, we extend our reach far beyond our physical locations, striving to serve customers wherever they may be. At the heart of our operation lies a dedication to customer satisfaction and a passion for delivering an exceptional product to every corner of the globe.




The first and foremost step in the rug-making process is the inception of the design itself, followed by its translation. The design of a rug is the most imperative aspect in the entire process. 
The conceived design is translated on a graph paper. Chalking out the design entails translating the elements, motifs, and most importantly, proportions accurately.
After the initial sketch is completed, our designers refer to the color legend to implement the preferred color scheme


Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the rug making process entails translating the design into a language known as, "Taalim." This unique, age-old language is sent directly to the looms, where our craftsmen utilize it to translate the construct of our design, as well as the designated color palette.


Our rugs are craftily woven using either hand-spun or machine-spun wool. Finely woven carpets have traditionally been constructed using machine-spun wool, emanating a uniform aura of colors as opposed to the rest of our col- lections that infuse the essence of hand-spun wool, exuding an organic, natural texture.
Once the wool is spun, it is expertly prepared using either Vegetable or Chromium Dyes. Vegetable Dyes are primarily used to obtain a natural texture whereas Chromium Dyes create a more uniform, sophisticated concoction.


An assortment of weaving styles is prevalent such as our very own Pakistani weave as well as our neighboring Afghan weave. Both forms of weaving have their own subcategories that are traditionally conceived pertaining to either, the tribe they belong to or their geographical location.


Over the course of 30 years, our artisans have perfected the art of achieving a vast array of textures. From subdued, matt compositions to lustrous textures, our washing experts have developed & refined the art of washing. Once the rugs have absorbed the unparalleled nature of sunlight, the pile is sheared down according to our clients requirements. The fringes are either reduced in length, tucked under the rug, or removed entirely once again, depending on the requirements of our clients